Billy Wizard


They's other so-called BILLY WIZARDs out there. Some dude even wroted a book wid my name on it, and dere's some dum Wii Game dat dey didn't even ax me ta endorse. But they is all IMPOSTERZ!! Hear is th' original Billy Wizard, who first saw da light in 1969!

Th' following karakterz 'n concept wuz invented whiles in high skool in th' town o' Disgustin (a.k.a. Tustin), Kalifornia. Inspired by sum of th' dullest teechers on earth, Feign 'n Tschirgi (pernounced TISH-GER-IGGY, accordin' to da illiterit PE coaches) invented Th' Wizard Lab, and th' fine people (if you can call 'em that) living there, such as th' ones you sees below. Instead of payin' attention in class, those lazy jerks filled dozens o' notebooks with thousands 'n thousands o' dumb drawrings.

Years laters Feign (pernounced FIEND by da same dumass coaches) picked out th' ones what didn't include pornography, foul language and illegal substances ... which meanz he had ta come up wid all new ones instead. Den he sent 'em to syndicates, some of whom hated them so much they didn't even bother to reply. Oh well. Everyone knows how syndicate editors is.

Hiyaz! I is Billingsgate 3. Wizard, esq.
Th' nastiest necromancer this side of th' polar ice cap...and he lives in yer boring middle class suburb!
KLIK HEAR TA READ TH' TOONZ... Jeepers and gosheroonie!
Every cartoon hero needs a sidekick. Billy Wizard found this one on the doorstep of the Wizard Lab and now this 7-year-old is his not-too-bright sorceror's apprentice.