Cartoons for SPIKE Magazine by Larry Feign
    18 JUNE 2004
  • Beijing officials express offense at "provocative&quot slogans planned for Hong Kong's July 1 mass protest
  • Other Beijing officials "suggest" that marchers should celebrate the handover on July 1, not protest
    2 JULY 2004
  • Mainlanders from 3 more provinces allowed to enter Hong Kong on individual visas
  • A group of mainlanders claiming to be mainland security bureau members is detained in Hong Kong
    9 JULY 2004
  • Thaw in the political freeze: mainland officials promise to meet HK democrats
    16 JULY 2004
  • Health minister resigns over SARS scandal, after enormous public pressure, while taking no responsibility
  • Tung Chee-hwa lavishes praise on health minister and regrets at his resignation, thus showing his insincerity about ministers bein held "accountable" for their actions
    30 JULY 2004
  • ICAC clumsily and forcefully raids newspaper offices all over HK to search for journalist sources
    6 AUGUST 2004
  • Secretive "Lantau Development Task Force" is open only to government ministers, consults neither the public nor other groups interested in Lantau affairs
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