Cartoons for SPIKE Magazine by Larry Feign
    19 MARCH 2004
  • Hong Kong's first Naked News program appears on a cable station
  • Mainland officials speak of potential "chaos" in Hong Kong if democracy is introduced, and the possible need to declare a State of Emergency
    2 APRIL 2004
  • China's geriatric National People's Congress "reinterprets" HK laws regarding democratic development
  • HK's leader is silent on the issue
    16 APRIL 2004
  • Bank automatic teller machines across HK shut down due to wave of fake note deposits
  • The National People's Congress "reinterprets" HK's Basic Law
    23 APRIL 2004
  • Tung submits to Beijing a "9-Point Plan" for (delaying) democracy in Hong Kong
    30 APRIL 2004
  • A new SARS outbreak in China
  • The National People's Congress hastily "reinterprets" the Basic Law to postpone democracy in Hong Kong
    14 MAY 2004
  • Pro-democracy groups seeking insurance for upcoming rallies are refused by every major insurance company
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