Cartoons for SPIKE Magazine by Larry Feign
    30 JANUARY 2004
  • American rover lands on Mars
  • HK government presses on to fill in Victoria Harbour
    6 FEBRUARY 2004
  • Due to bird flu scare, border closed to poultry imports
  • Aviaries and Mai Po bird reserve closed to public
    13 FEBRUARY 2004
  • Hong Kong officials go to Beijing to be lectured about political reform
    20 FEBRUARY 2004
  • Beijing and its local sycophants begin a shrill Cultural Revolution-style campaign to deny "non-patriots" the right to hold elective office in Hong Kong
    5 MARCH 2004
  • HK Government starts a "consultation exercise" on constitutional development
    12 MARCH 2004
    Beijing and its HK lackeys rant and rave about...
  • Taiwan's upcoming election
  • Martin Lee's visit to Washington
  • lots of other things
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