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Post-1997 Weather Report
The Kowloon Kats
Weather Report part 1


  • This cartoon appeared in 1996, the year before Hong Kong "reunified" with the People's Republic of China on
    July 1, 1997

  • Wong Chuk Hang: factory district on Hong Kong island

  • Hong Kong's weather is given in degrees Celsius
  • "Advocating two Chinas" (i.e. Taiwanese independence) is a criminal offense in the PRC
  • In the Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984, China promised to maintain Hong Kong's current political, economic and social systems intact for 50 years after the Anschluss -- I mean, "reunification"
  • Deng Xiaoping verbally extended the above promise to 100 years
Weather Report part 2
Weather Report part 3
  ©1995, 1997 Larry Feign
The Chinese version of this cartoon received the
Amnesty International1996 Amnesty International Human Rights Award
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