“Whether you were born here or lived here two weeks or twenty years, you're infected for life. You've got the madness. You've got Hongkongitis.”
Did you know...
  • Hong Kong is actually located in France
  • Chinese food will save the ozone layer
  • Hong Kong taxi drivers exploit Quantum Theory
  • Everyone on earth (including you) is Chinese
Writer and cartoonist Larry Feign shares his latest thoughts, discoveries and stupid scientific theories, including The Unified Wah Theory, the Chinese Garbage Principle, proposals to make Chinglish the official language of the United Nations and to move the Vatican to Kwai Chung, plus the mystery of why there are no hippies in Hong Kong.

Discover these and many other important topics in his new book:

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“Larry Feign goes well beyond amusing - he's sharp to the point of something damn near painful. If you want a different take on Hong Kong that really means something, read this book.”
- Stephen Vines, author and caterer
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Published by Chameleon Press
100% of the author's royalties are donated to the Animals Asia Foundation